Timeshare Cancellation Quote

It is important for you to know what fees are charged by different resorts. We want you to have as much information as possible.
The following are the most common costs associated with the transfer of your timeshare.

if required by county, state or county wherein the resort is located Attorney Fees
if due or required by ownership resort Maintenance Fees
when a preferred closing company is required by the resort Closing Cost
as required by ownership resort Miscellaneous Additional Fees
to be paid to company managing payments as required Escrow Fees
if billed separately from maintenance fees by the county, state or country where resort is located Property Tax
to acquire the owner account summary with unit & usage disclosure Estoppel Fees
if in excess of $35.00 as required by the county, state or country where resort is located Recording Fee
if required by ownership resort First Right of Refusal Waiver Fee
if required by ownership resort county, state or country where resort is located Special Assessment Fees
typically required by resorts for administrative ownership changes Internal Resort Transfer Fee

Please be advised these are the most current type of fees required, but the resort has the option to change them at will. We cannot be held liable or financially obligated to the accuracy of fees as a result of frequent and/or unannounced changes made by your ownership resort.